Welcome to Act! Cloud Portal

After you login, you will be directed to the ACP Home Page. In the middle of the home page is the Account Dashboard, where you will find a list of your Act! databases, as well as four widgets to give you a high level view of your accounts databases usage.  They are the big boxes found in the middle of the Home Screen. 
The ACP UI is very unified and similar through out. Almost every page will feature the follow : (1) Top Black Account Bar, (2) Breadcrumbs, (3) Database Management Links, (4) Activity Feed
(1) The Top Black Account bar contains links and items that are specific to your account.
(2) The Breadcrumbs change as you navigate the system, this helps let you know where in the system you are. As you navigate the system, You can get back to the home page by clicking the house Icon.
(3) The Database Management Links are discussed in more detail later in this documentation.
(4) The Activity Feed is updated as you select different Act! databases to manage. The Activity feed will provide you with information about how the database has changed over time.