The Fields management page displays the list of Contact fields that are in the selected Act! Database.  You can also manage Companies, Opportunities and Groups Fields.
On the Field management page you can add or edit fields in the Act! database. The Field management page displays the Name, Field Type, Default Security, Status and Actions of each field. 
Field management page has three buttons in the right corner.  They are: add new field, select database entity, and export fields list. 
When you click the add new field button, you will be directed to the Create/ Edit fields page.  For instructions on adding a new field, see detailed instructions below.  
TIP! When you first load the Field management page, its defaults to the Contact entity.  However, if you wish to manage other entity types for the Act! Database you can select these by clicking the Select Act! Database entity button.  
This will display a pop up with five entity choices. Select the entity type you would like to manage and the Field page with automatically refresh loading the fields from the selected entity.  You will notice that the title of the page will change to reflect the entity you have selected.  
If you wish to export the list of fields displayed, click the export fields button. You will then select which export file type you would like and download the file by click the blue download button. 

There are two types of actions, that can be found under the action column :  Edit and Field security.