Top Black Account Bar

These are the icons that you will find along the top of your Home Screen in the black bar.   
•    The Triple Bar icon – (aka Hamburger Icon) When you click the ≡ icon, the navigation groups on the right has side of the screen will expand or collapse. 
•    The Act! Could portal icon – is on the top left next to the ≡ Icon.  When this icon is clicked, you will be redirected to the home page/ account dashboard. 
•    The Alerts icon – is the triangle with a number in it.  Is located at the top right of your screen. When clicked, a list of alerts will pop up.  From here you can view the list of alerts and clicked an alert to view in more detail. If you click on the alerts icon again, the alerts list will disappear. 
•    The New Database Wizard – is the magic wand icon in the top right. When clicked, the Database setup wizard will begin. The wizard will guide you through the set up and uploading of new databases. 
•    The Account settings icon – is in the right had corner of the page. It displays your username. When this icon is clicked, a menu of account options will drop down. You can click any of these options to change or see details about your account. If you have specified an avatar icon at you will see your avatar instead of the blue power button icon.